What Antivirus Software is AT&T Using?

AT&T (ATT) has always been on the frontline of pushing technology to its finest and the same can be said for the ATT antivirus that they include in their Internet services. The company has gone a long way from their humble beginnings as just another company providing telecommunications services and now provide an all-around global experience with the ATT U Verse. The U Verse pretty much encompasses everything that INternet connection should be. You get high-speed connection via state of the art fiber optics plus digital TV services and high speed digital phone services.

Of course you’ll want to protect what you pay for. There are virus and all sorts of malware all over the web but the included ATT Uverse antivirus is all you need to keep your system safe and clean.

What Antivirus Does AT&T Use?

The Internet Security Suite that comes along with the U Verse package is actually powered by McAfee. It is the preferred antivirus programs in the market today and have been so since the company was founded in 1987. Their focus on providing the best security protection has not been rivaled in the market thus far. The McAfee experience with AT&T ensures that your computer and other Internet-connected gadgets are safe from viruses.

Viruses are not the only thing your systems are protected from because the AT&T Internet Security Suite also protects you from malware, spam, and all sorts of other complications like encrypted data hacking or spyware. To further keep you protected you are also given a high quality firewall protection. The ATT virus download feature can be found directly on the main page of the AT&T U Verse page but you can also get it instantly installed when the service providers come in to install the system in your home. ATT virus protection download feature is easy to find on the site and it is a breeze to install in case you happen to find yourself in a situation where you need to install it back by yourself.

Availing of the Security Package

The good thing is that for customers who avail of the 3.0Mbps U Verse services this whole security package is entirely for free. For those who go for the 1.5Mbps and lower connection they can still get the entire security service package for just $5 a month, which is very cheap considering how much security services are being offered. The system is currently available for Windows XP SP3 and higher (Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8) while ATT antivirus for Mac has to be installed manually and is not supported via the downloadable services.

Not only do you get state of the art, high-speed Internet connection with the AT&T U Verse package, you also get the assurance that everything you run is safe from viruses and other external threats like spyware or malware intrusions. It is very affordable for those who are not lugging really fast connection speeds and it is completely free for those who go for the 3.0 Mbps connection package.

AT&T is a commendable provider, giving you the best connection possible with the U Verse package. With the ATT antivirus download that you can avail of right now, you can’t possibly ask for anything more.